FC Porto v Benfica Free Football Prediction

Tonight Thursday 30th Dec @9pm Uk time, we will see newly managed Benfica team take on the undefeated Portuguese super team, Fc Porto!

Fc porto v Benfica 3-0
Last week we saw Benfica lose 3-0 at Estadio do Dragao after a tough match, where both sides finished with 10 men.

Todays Prediction:

We have sent our full tip and recommended stake into our members group for our punters to secure a nice win tonight however let us show you exactly the research behind it and what we think the score may be as well.


Not like our usual BOTD with lower odds this one today however we have done extensive research for the past 4 hours and have strong research behind it.

A clash between 2 giants here, Porto have a perfect home record in Liga NOS whilst also being undefeated in their last 43 Liga NOS matches. They beat Benfica earlier last week 3-0 however Benfica were very unlucky not to get a goal, they actually had more shots at goal then FC Porto with 6 on target.

Benfica have won 13 out of 14 of their last Liga NOS away games and only failed to score in 2 of their last 10 aways.

FC Portos highest rating attacking left player Luis Diaz has tested positive for Covid-19 and will be replaced by Jesùs Corona (convenient name). This will slow there attacks down a little which should give Benfica more room to feel they have a chance, not to mention Ivan Marcano is still injured since October who is a key defender for Porto.

Jorge Jesus left as Benficas manager 2 days ago due to his really poor performance as a manager after many fall outs with players which is who was managing them in their last clash, moral should be higher tonight in camp. This time around they have stand-in coach Nelson Verissimo who did manage them temp in 2020 for a month and guided them to 4 out of 6 wins.

Overall FC Porto should win tonight however taking everything else into account Benfica really should be seeing a goal at least tonight. Predicting a 2-1 win to Porto.

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