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We combine extensive football research with a tracked staking system to provide long-term profit for our members.

Our automated bot on telegram helps you get signed up within minutes, you can also manage your subscription here too. 

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What do we offer?

▪️Bet of the Day (daily)

▪️In-Plays (daily)



▪️1 on 1 support

▪️Bonus FREE group

Combined with hours of research to give us the edge, its a winning combination.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Global we like to do things differently (correctly). We have zero affiliation to any bookmakers & never will! *FYI anyone that does have a link for you to sign up or get free bets will have a deal with the bookmakers meaning they profit when you lose.* 

We use betting as a profitable income by combining real in-depth research with our staking system (units). We have found this to work the best over the last few years meaning we can build a slow & steady pot & slowly increase our bets sizes.

Our service is ran through the popular app Telegram because it gives us the ability to broadcast to a wide audience throughout the day. This can be found on all smart phones in the App store.

We don't want you to judge us after a couple of days so we want to give you a whole 7 days trial for absolutely FREE, meaning if you are unhappy on day 7 then cancel & you won't be charged. If you are happy with your profits then stay & carry on rinsing the bookies with us. 

Click the link below & head over to our automated bot who will help you get started.


GambleAware is the leading charity working to reduce gambling harms. As an independent charity, accountable to the Charity Commission, we are the lead commissioner of prevention and treatment services to help those experiencing gambling harms across Great Britain.